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T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Development
Task STORM-2027

STORM-1831 Second opened script does not get highlighted

Unassigned Ima Mechanique Unset Open Unresolved
Story Defect STORM-2026

STORM-1831 Different keyword types have same syntax highlighting color

Unassigned Maestro Linden Unset Open Unresolved
Task STORM-2025

STORM-1831 Color group 'constants' and 'controls' not recognized.

Unassigned Oz Linden Major Open Unresolved
Task STORM-2005

STORM-1831 Check LSL syntax file for compatibility

Unassigned Oz Linden Showstopper Closed Fixed
Task STORM-2004

STORM-1831 Malformed LSL syntax xml crashes the viewer

Unassigned Simon Linden Showstopper Closed Fixed
Story Defect STORM-2003

STORM-1831 Erroneous appearance of 'void' in tooltips for LSL functions which either take no arguments or return nothing.

Unassigned Maestro Linden Minor Closed Fixed
Story Defect STORM-2002

STORM-1831 Tooltips do not show default values of vector and rotation constants

Unassigned Maestro Linden Minor Closed Fixed
Story Defect STORM-2001

STORM-1831 Deprecated LSL functions have the same highlighting color as a non-keyword

Unassigned Maestro Linden Minor Closed Fixed
Story Defect STORM-2000

STORM-1831 LSL arguments presented by LSLSyntax viewer's tooltips incorrectly appear in alphabetical order

Unassigned Maestro Linden Major Closed Fixed
Task STORM-1998

STORM-1831 [STORM-1831] Viewer crashes on teleport if you have had a script open anytime that session before teleporting.

Unassigned Whirly Fizzle Unset Closed Fixed
Task STORM-1832

STORM-1831 Script editor: several constants are not highlighted

Unassigned Oz Linden Minor Closed Fixed