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Changing between View Display Names on and off during a conference call session put viewer in a state where last name resident was shown in viewer everywhere for user in conference call with last name resident.



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      Note: This happened twice on 2 different machines during testing of conference call changes on identity_evolution region on Mohini. However I could not find a solid repro. I am listing some of the steps and things I found to discuss with leyla.

      Here are steps I had documented when this occurred. However, after documenting this, I could not follow these same steps to repro.

      User A was on Mac kurtland tester Second Life 2.5.0 (215544)

      User B was on PC buffy Second Life 2.5.0 (215544)

      User B started a conference call that included User A - User A had view display names enabled.

      While active in the conference call User A disabled view display names.

      Closed the conference call.

      Had User B start another conference call including User A.

      On User A's computer User B's name included resident everywhere in the viewer - Buffy Resident (friends list, notifications, payments, etc..) Other users with last name resident did not show resident - worked correctly.

      With the viewer in this state, I toggled view display names on and off and that did not remove last name resident when view display names disabled.

      I opened the current release viewer on the same computer and buffy resident was shown everywhere.

      I deleted the entire Secondlife User directory and buffy resident was still present.

      I located the name.cache file in ~/library/caches/secondlife and noticed the buffy resident was not present in name.cache file (other names were present).

      I manually added Buffy Resident with appropriate agent ID to the name.cache file

      When I added this name, the viewer started to work correct to not show resident for Buffy resident.

      I again removed the entire secondlife user directory and all the cache files and the issue remained - Buffy Resident was shown everywhere.

      I logged into this same account kurtland tester on another machine during this time and the account worked correctly to not show last name resident for buffy resident.

      From my mac I removed everything I could think of related to secondlife, downloaded a different build of second life and logged in and got same result buffy resident.

      Gave up for a few hours came back and while doing some other testing I noticed it had corrected itself and kurtland tester was not showing last name resident for buffy. This was after about 4 hours and seemed to clear itself on both of the Mac machines that this occurred on.

      I do know know if something else I did while testing corrected this or if a cache I did not touch expired fixing the issue.

      Again, noting this here to document what happened to discuss to see if there is any issue here.




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