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unable to change permissions to "no trans" on item in avatar inventory



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      I rarely set permissions on an item in inventory, but today I did cause I did a quick T-shirt for someone, which I didn't box.

      so I created a new jacket in inventory, went into appearance, changed the textures, took the shirt off, went into my recent inventory tab, rightclicked, pulled up the properties panel. in it's default state it looks like shown in panel 1 in the screenshot. Note: I am aware that the trans button is greyed out here because you cannot set an item to no copy, no trans.
      I ticked modify and copy, however the trans button STILL was greyed out. (panel 2)
      closed properties panel, rightclicked again, went into properties again, still nothing.
      I changed into the main inventory tab, and now was able to untick trans. (panel 3)

      this does effect the "for sale" section as well. I still haven't managed to get the dropdown to work
      it does not only effect newly created items. the same goes for changing the permissios on an old item, which you want to alter from no copy, trans to copy, no trans. here it is even more difficult to change though as you cannot change inventory tabs to get a fresh view of the preferences.
      it does NOT effect items in a prim inventory or bulk permissions.

      in general I think this is pretty disastrous for people who mostly change permissions on items in inventory, like clothing creators.

      smooth functionality of the preferences settings is vital. the transfer checkbox should become available as soon as the copy checkbox is ticked.

      edit: I can confirm it did work properly under viewer 2.3, cause I did change permissions on an item in inventory while using that.


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