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      Viewer 2.0 Beta


      It is about the Progress Windows that automatically would show when you Set Scripts to Running/Not Running or Recompile them, in 1.23. Now, in Viewer 2.0, they do not appear any more...I am afraid someone forgot about these very usefull Windows. They are very frequent used by creators who put resizers inside their heavy linksets, because the process is not instantaneous any more. These windows had the following uses:
      1. They told us when the process of Set Scripts to Run in Selection is Done, so you can save the object as working...Now, tit doesn't seem we have any notification about when to take them into inventory .
      2. There you may observe if you made mistakes, as distributing scripts twice, creating a monster of lag!
      3. There you can notice if a certain script is missing...
      4. Without them, Setting Scripts to...or Recompile useless, as you never know if it was done or not, there is no way to be confirmed that.

      I am sure that, if they are not in 2.0, that's only because someone forgot them or had no time to put them back. Please leave them there in Viewer 2.0, or we would be forced to have another viewer installed in our PC only for this detail.

      Thank you for your time

      Also missing are Recompile Scripts (Mono) & (LSL) and Reset Scripts


        1. CompileError.png
          21 kB
        2. jira-script-action-mockup.png
          22 kB
        3. llcompilequeue.cpp
          24 kB
        4. llscrolllistctrl.cpp
          69 kB
        5. llscrolllistctrl.h
          19 kB
        6. llviewerfloaterreg.cpp
          16 kB
        7. llviewermenu.cpp
          210 kB
        8. Screenshot-2010-05-28-script progress.png
          Screenshot-2010-05-28-script progress.png
          327 kB
        9. SetRunning.png
          107 kB
        10. Snapshot jira_001.png
          Snapshot jira_001.png
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