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When saving to Inventory, snapshot preview is stretched when size is not set to current window.



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      Steps To Reproduce

      • Open snapshot floater -> Save to inventory.
      • Open the popout preview window.
      • Set Snapshot size to Current Window & refresh the shot.
      • Observe the preview image is correct in both the built in snapshot preview and in the popout preview.
      • See Fig 1 attached.
      • Change snapshot size to anything other then current window size, for example, Large, & refresh the shot.

      Observed Behaviour

      • When the snapshot size is set to anything other then current window size (including custom size like 256x512), the built in snapshot preview shows an incorrect image - it's stretched.
      • The popout preview shows the correct image.
      • See Fig 2 attached.
      • The saved shot to inventory is correct and the saved shot is the same as the popout preview.

      Expected Behaviour

      • Bug does not reproduce on default release, Second Life 4.0.4 (314579) Apr 26 2016 17:54:49 (Second Life Release)
      • On default release the built in snapshot preview shows the correct image when saving at sizes other then current window.
      • See Fig 3 attached showing default release snapshot preview set to "Large"


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