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Implement an assortment of improvements all over the Viewer.




      I suggest adding a whole bunch of changes i have been making and hoarding over the past years. These changes will touch camera, controls, graphics and the UI.

      Full list of changes:

      • Better camera placement for all three camera presets.
      • Seemingly faster responding controls with faster avatar turn rate.
      • Better depth of field defaults which do not blur the entire screen.
      • Better screen space ambient occlusion that is more noticable and uses decent defaults.
      • Finally fixing the still misaligned chat history button.
      • Fixed joystick camera turn on controllers.
      • Much smaller avatar turn degree more much finer rotation positioning.
      • Properly controllable, non-screen-resolution fixed shadow resolution.
      • Ability to turn off screen space ambient occlusion without turning off light/shadow blurring.
      • Separate system and scene memory VRAM allocation for better and more efficient usage of VRAM and the ability for usage of more than 512mb (768mb).
      • Changing Antialiasing to an on/off toggle removing the ancient artifacts that are the AA Samples dropdown options from the now unused MSAA feature.
      • Making the avatar turn backwards when walking backwards.
      • Changing the Click-to-Walk feature to be off by default.
      • Changing the Navigationbar layout to have the favorites below the navbar and one main menu for much better space usage, more region info and favorites as well as for better organization.
      • Possibly more...

      Each of these changes are up for individual discussion.




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