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Avatar names in group chats display as "Loading..." under certain circumstances



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      This problem was noticed on Firestorm viewer straight after the CHUI code was merged in and the following repro is also seen to cause this problem on the current release of Viewer 3.

      Steps To Reproduce

      1. Set the following chat settings. Not all these may be necessary settings to reproduce but I have found these settings are most likely to show the problem:
      • Me -> Preferences -> General -> Enable Display Names and Usernames
      • Me -> Preferences -> Chat -> set all new message alerts to "Flash toolbar button" (Nearby chat only can be left on "Popup new message").
      • Enable "Compact view" under "View/sort options" in the conversation floater.

      2. Make sure you are a member of some chatty groups and close the conversation floater and go afk for a while to wait for some incomming group messages. This bug only appears to reproduce when you have left conversation floater closed for a while and come back and check on past group chat messages.
      3. After a while (30 mins to an hour) come back and open the conversations floater and check your open group chats.

      Observed Behaviour

      • Often you will see some names in the group chats that are stuck at "Loading...". No matter how long you leave an affected group chat tab active, the names stuck saying Loading... will never resolve.
      • Left clicking on a stuck loading name will correctly display the username & the display name in the mini profile. However bringing up the miniprofile will not force the name to refresh in the groups chat.

      • Closing the conversation floater & reopening will not resolve the stuck names.
      • Toggling between chat tabs will not resolve the stuck names.
      • Change to "Expanded view" under "View/sort options" in the conversation floater and observe that the names stuck Loading... will then display correctly.

      • Change back to Compact view and observe the names still display correctly.

      • Log file attached from the session where I reproduced this and took the above images - using Second Life 3.6.5 (280365) Aug 28 2013 18:03:57 (Second Life Release)

      Relevant time in logs when I opened the conversations floater to check group chats and saw a name stuck loading:

      2013-09-07T06:47:52Z WARNING: LLAvatarNameResponder::result: LLAvatarNameResponder::result 1 unresolved ids; expires in 120.0 seconds
      2013-09-07T06:47:52Z WARNING: LLAvatarNameResponder::result: LLAvatarNameResponder::result failed id 33f232c6-80ca-630c-c13e-227eb4c048f6
      2013-09-07T06:47:52Z WARNING: LLAvatarNameCache::handleAgentError: LLAvatarNameCache get legacy for agent 33f232c6-80ca-630c-c13e-227eb4c048f6

      Expected Behaviour

      For avatar names to resolve properly when opening group chats after the conversation HUB has been left closed for a while.

      Other Information

      • Also note in my first image above that Shug's name is duplicated. This is BUG-1153.
        I often see the BUG-1153 behaviour and this BUG-3829 behaviour occur at the same time in the same section of a group chat, so possibly related issue?
      • Ignore the (FS 4.4.2+letters) that you see added to all the posts in my images above. This is a feature we have only in our official Firestorm support & beta testers groups to display what viewer version and skin a user is logged in with to help with support & QA. This bug repros in all groups, not just our Firestorm groups where we have this viewer ID feature. (This feature defaults to off & only displays a users viewer & skin if they choose to enable it from prefs).




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