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Polish translation update



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      Because of the fact, that there is high probability of removing Polish translation because of lack of updates...


      ... I've decided to update existing one in V3, from the scratch and going file-after-file, basing on the current Firestorm Polish translation - which is maintained by me for arounна землеd two years now; And as good, as possible ( http://hg.phoenixviewer.com/phoenix-firestorm-lgpl/log?rev=polish+translation ).

      Because Polish is my native language, Phoenix/Firestorm was (and still is) my viewer of choice back then and I just couldn't stand the mixed-up Pol-Eng UI - so I've learned how to properly format XUI/XML and made a major overhaul of it - the thing what I'm planning to do for V3 now. I won't claim it is perfect, but during these years users had no problems using it daily, it also greatly helped these with lack of English language knowledge.


      Phase 1: Removing redundant files not present in /en/ directory,
      Phase 2: Adding new files not present in /pl/, but present in /en/ directory,
      Phase 3: Updating existing files by dumping current, outdated ones completely, replacing them with /en/ files and re-formatting / re-translating again. It would be faster than comparing and checking what was deleted and what added. Of course Mercurial will nicely show changes after commit. I'm NOT going to blindly overwrite V3 files with Firestorm ones. I'm going to edit all files by hand, as I've did for FS.

      So, 3 commits in total, based on viewer-release 3.7.17.

      Repository URL: https://bitbucket.org/panterapolnocy/viewer-release-polish-update/commits
      ETA: 1st of Dec 2014. It should be faster than that, but my current real life job may be tricky, so I'm reserving a bit more time.

      I don't want to be paid, praised, wrapped in ribbons, catnip, cookies or any similiar silly things like that. I'd only like to contribute to V3 under LGPL to make experience for Polish residents using V3 better, and to prevent from deleting maybe not major, but still important language, for some people at least, from the selector list.




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