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As a group member, I would like to opt out of joining chat



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      Groups are used for a wide variety of purposes in Second Life. Most people, I think, would agree that a big part of grouping in Second Life is to socialize and come together under common interests in group chats. However, Second Life is unique in that groups are also used for sharing land and objects as well as in business models where group membership provides a way of notifying customers of new sales and giving special discounts to members. They are also used in vanity to identify an individual as part of a group or having a certain interested.

      As a member of groups, I want to have many of these unique opportunities group membership provides me, but I often do not wish to join the group chat in a particular group. I do not wish to turn off group chats as a whole because I do enjoy many groups and the participants in chats. It would be wonderful to be able to turn off or opt out of these chats on a per-group basis.

      I propose adding a boolean flag to group info that would let me opt out of group chat so I'm not constantly being brought into a group chat I do not wish to participate in. I think with all of the work going into improving group chat that this would be the ideal time to make this change. It may also help with the complicated problems with group chat presently. If one were to opt out of chat, the chat server wouldn't need to go find them, add them, send them messages they do not wish, and the region wouldn't need to help the user leave the group chat because the chat wouldn't be sent in the first place.

      If this is not possible, then I propose official support for muting group chat and saving the muted group chats in the mutelist (like what Firestorm does now, storing group UUIDs in the block list, which is technically a tpva violation.)




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