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Delete key doesn't delete first character of marked text on OSX



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      Steps to Reproduce

      Before checking this issue, it's better to apply the patch for BUG-7033 to avoid Input Window comes up.

      1. Open nearby chat
      2. Select Hiragana Input Source from Input menu on right of menu bar
      3. Type 'k', nearby chat input field shows underlined 'k' (it is marked text)
      4. Type delete key once, it doesn't work, underlined 'k' is still there
      5. Type delete key again, it works and 'k' has gone but typing animation doesn't stop until timeout

      See bellow to setup Japanese input environment.

      Actual Behavior

      In case of Language Input mode, delete key doesn't delete the first character of marked text, it needs twice of delete key to delete it.
      On nearby char, typing animation doesn't stop although marked text was deleted.

      Expected Behavior

      At step 4, nearby chat field must go empty and typing animation must stop immediately

      Other information

      This issue is OSX specific, caused by incomplete implementation of setMarkedText:selectedRange:replacementRange: method of LLOpenGLView class, can't handle empty marked text.

      To setup Japanese input on Mavericks:
      1. Open System Preferences
      2. Click 'Keyboard'
      3. Click 'Input Source' tab
      4. Click add input source button on bottom left of the panel
      5. Search Japanese in the items and click it
      6. Click Kotoeri Input Source
      7. Click Add button
      8. Check "Show Input menu in menu bar" on
      9. Close System Preferences
      After that, you can select Input source from Input menu on right of menu bar.

      To Setup the Language bar in Windows 7:
      1. Control Panel->appearance and Personalization->Fonts->Text Services and Input Language (bottom left corner of the window)
      2. Click the Add button to choose the Japanese language.
      3. Click Ok
      4. Launch the viewer
      5. Click the "EN" button in the Windows System Tray
      6. Choose "JP" from the contextual menu.

      This issue is one of 7 issues related language text input on SL Viewer.
      4 issues are only on OSX, provided in version 3.6.5, Cocoa merge.
      I will post those 4 issues and upload patches.
      I hope these patches are applied soon and make Japanese/Chinese/Korean Mac users happy.
      The rest 3 issues?
      I will think them later.




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