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Glossy Projectors



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      How would you like the feature to work?

      Presently projectors have very strange behavior. Depending on a surface's environment intensity, they get blurrier the more intense they are, and the reflections "fatten" depending on how intense the reflections on the surface are. This doesn't really make a whole lot of sense.

      Depending on how glossy the surface is, projector reflections should become sharper for higher gloss values and blurrier for lower values. On top of that, projector reflections shouldn't "fatten" based upon intensity; this makes them unusable for decent looking reflections.

      This feature makes use of the glossiness parameter to calculate the "gloss" of projector reflections.

      I've created a patch that meets this criteria. See the attached screenshots.

      Why is this feature important to you? How would it benefit the community?

      This feature is important simply because projectors are becoming a bigger deal, but there's still a couple of bugs that makes them unusable. This feature sets some ground work for glossy reflections in general as well, enabling content to look more as it should now that we have materials.

      Existing Functionality vs. Proposed Functionality

      I've added some additional comparison screenshots.

      Each of these screenshots were taken with the Reflection Box 1 and Reflection Box 2 test rigs found in Hippo Hollow. The "New Setup" images demonstrate this new glossy reflections functionality and how they interact with the glossiness material parameter. The "Old Setup" screenshots show how projector reflections presently work, and how they interact with the environment intensity instead, specifically on Reflection Box 1.
      You may take a copy of both Reflection Box 1 and Reflection Box 2 as full perm on Hippo Hollow.


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