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Projector reflections do not respect the environment intensity parameter



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      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Rez a sphere
      2. Set its color to black
      3. Set its specular texture to blank
      4. Set its environment intensity to 1
      5. Rez a cube
      6. Make the cube a light
      7. Assign a texture to the light to make it into a projector
      8. Place the projector about ~1 meter above the sphere
      9. You'll notice that the sphere is reflecting the projector at full brightness
      10. Toggle the environment intensity on the sphere from 0 to 1, and notice that the projector reflections are applied when environment intensity is set, and with full brightness as if the intensity is set to 255.

      Actual Behavior

      As opposed to the intended functionality where all projector reflections count as "environmental" reflections, projector reflections are presently being treated as specular reflections. The screenshot titled "Correct behavior" shows the intended behavior on a sphere with the glossiness set to 0, and its environment intensity set to 20. The one titled "Incorrect behavior" uses the same sphere, and clearly shows the environment reflections from projectors being extremely bright. Furthermore, these reflections should only be effected by the environment mask, not the specular map as that's inconsistent to the original decisions made regarding this. It causes a lot of weird issues when you're trying to balance environment reflections with specular reflections which are considered to be two separate functions.

      Expected Behavior

      Projector reflections being appropriately masked by the environment intensity.

      Other information


        1. Correct behavior.png
          Correct behavior.png
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        2. Environment value 1.png
          Environment value 1.png
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        3. Environment value 15.png
          Environment value 15.png
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        4. Environment value 5.png
          Environment value 5.png
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        5. Incorrect behavior.png
          Incorrect behavior.png
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