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LSL arguments presented by LSLSyntax viewer's tooltips incorrectly appear in alphabetical order



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      While auditing the syntax highlighting of every LSL keyword in this viewer, I noticed that some functions have the arguments presented in the incorrect order. For example, llCastRay() should show this:

      list llCastRay( vector Start, vector End, list Options );

      but instead I see this in the function tooltip:

      list llCastRay( vector End, list Options, vector Start );

      It appears that the arguments are being presented in alphabetical order of the variable name instead of the actual order.

      I noticed a few other functions have the same issue:

      • llClearLinkMedia() arguments reversed: should be "integer llClearLinkMedia( integer link, integer face );"
      • llAxisAngle2Rot arguments reversed: should be "rotation llAxisAngle2Rot( vector axis, float angle );"
        There are probably several other cases, but I stopped looking after noticing this alphabetical sorting trend.

      When I query the LSLSyntax capability manually, I see the correct order for these functions under the 'arguments' map. However, the cached viewer syntax file shows the incorrect order.

      I believe that the viewer is sorting the arguments map alphabetically to cause this bug, in addition to sorting functions by name. I think this sorting is unnecessary and shouldn't be done at any scope within the xml.


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