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Mesh garments don't adapt to changes in avatar shape



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      This issue tracks the addition of new collision bones and associated
      weighting to the avatar.

      These bones can be used to rig mesh garments so that they adapt to avatar
      shape changes.

      Until the viewer with these changes reaches the release candidate stage,
      the new skeleton should be considered provisional and subject to change; we
      do not yet recommend selling or buying garments rigged to it. Since we may
      find reasons to improve it during this testing process, and any change to
      the collision bones will likely break garments rigged before the change, we
      want to make sure that we have a set of bones that we can all live with
      into the indefinite future before it is widely used.

      Creators and other users who participate in testing can provide feedback by
      filing Jira issues in the Fitted Mesh project.


        1. AvatarMeshAdjusted.jpg
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          Timmi Allen
        2. AvatarMeshAdjustedUnrigged.jpg
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          Timmi Allen
        3. AvatarMshCollRigg.jpg
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          Timmi Allen
        4. BELLY_LOWER0.jpg
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          Timmi Allen
        5. BELLY_LOWER100.jpg
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          Timmi Allen
        6. Belly50.jpg
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          Timmi Allen
        7. Belly50newBone.jpg
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          Timmi Allen
        8. BreastSize100.jpg
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          Timmi Allen
        9. Butt100.jpg
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          Timmi Allen
        10. Handle100.jpg
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          Timmi Allen
        11. Mesh Distorted in Editing Appearance Window.jpg
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          Cathy Foil
        12. Mesh Distorted On Avatar In Wire Frame.jpg
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          Cathy Foil
        13. Mesh With Full Bright On and Off.jpg
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          Cathy Foil
        14. Normal Mesh Not Weighted to Collision Bones.jpg
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          Cathy Foil

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