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Add more info to offline inventory offer notification



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      Steps to Reproduce

      When i receive an item like notecard, landmark, object or a folder, and i am offline, than an offline inventory offer mesage is sent to me via email. No matter if this item was given by an object, or group message, i get only information about who sent me the item, where it was located and who is the source owner.

      Actual Behavior

      For example this is an offer by object:

      The object 'Kitties In Heat TipJar' in Second Life has offered you inventory.
      Log in to accept or decline this inventory.

      = Kitties In Heat TipJar is owned by Jenna Felton = http://slurl.com/secondlife/Endora/118/139/43

      Expected Behavior

      I would like to have more info sent with this message. Especialy the name of the inventory being sent and the type (if this is a notecard, landmark, object or a folder). This helps the recepient to prepare for the inventory offer better. In case the offer was accepted but not sorted out before relog, the malbox will help to figure out where to find the given item.

      As well if the item lost and was not delivered, you can easier ask the source owner for redelivery if this item was important (a landmark that you have already 12 times is not for example, but an update is.)




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