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Feature Request: Single button to produce summary of Preferences settings in text file



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      All latest versions of the viewer and all computer environments. This would be a future feature if feasible and acceptable.


      Steps to Reproduce

      Often during classes with distance students their voice communications will have issues, which in turn is often due to their Preference settings.

      Actual Behavior

      When holding inworld classes for distance undergraduate students often have issues with Preference settings, particularly with Input and Output Devices settings. When holding lessons with students on-campus in the same computer lab as the instructor I can go to their computer and look at their Preference settings and make adjustments for them to, for example, get sound working. With distance students because I can't see their screens we waste a lot of class time with me trying to guide them through the various menu items and Preference settings. I have thought about using something like TeamViewer so I can see their desktops and their actual viewers, but this has other implications for privacy.

      Expected Behavior

      I guide students via text chat or voice (if they can still hear) through the process of opening the Preferences menu and then checking their Input / Output Devices settings, but this can often waste a lot of class time when they find it hard to follow what I am saying.

      Other information

      Would it be possible to add a button to the viewer that prints all of the Preference settings (other than sensitive information like cache details) into a basic text file that can be clicked by the student-user and then sent to me as the instructor so that I can quickly see what their settings are and try to locate the problem? Such a file would need to include detail like what options for Input / Output Devices are available on the student's viewer. Knowing such detail I could then guide them more rapidly to setting up the correct devices for voice communication for example. Having read a number of forums I am aware that detection of information from other people's viewers is a major privacy issue. What I am suggesting is a button on viewers that users can voluntarily activate to generate the necessary information much in the same way as can be done using ABOUT SECOND LIFE > Info to get information about the computer being used. The generation of this information needs to be a simple as possible to (a) save class time and (b) to reduce student frustration at having to delve into the more 'technical' menus on the viewer.

      I have seen this same problem happen with 2D classroom platforms like Collaborate where a lot of time is wasted trying to help inexperienced people change settings to solve problems like voice not working. Having a facility like this on the SL viewer would put it ahead of these other platforms from an educator perspective.

      Something similar to my suggestion was raised in a Jira posting in 2010 by Oz Linden (VWR-23496). However, that posting was looking at this issue from a developer not an educator perspective.




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