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Add ability to view and change multiple Properties at the same time / Profile panel changes



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      At times it would be helpful to one's workflow to see and to be able to adjust the properties for multiple objects in inventory at the same time. That is, have multiple properties floaters present on the screen at the same time, rather than having to open properties for one object, close it, and then open properties for a different object.

      *Item Profile
      Having the Item Profile panel overlay the Inventory display made sense when there was the Sidepanel. With the sidepanel gone there is less need for this behavior.

      *Object Profile
      With one small exception, what is possible to do in the Object Profile panel can be done either in the build floater or via a right click menu choice. Eliminating the Object Profile panel would not cause a loss in being able to interact with an object. Also, while writing this jira, I discovered a bug where permissions are displayed incorrectly for multiply-selected objects. The fact that this bug is still present argues that the Object Profile panel is not used very much.

      Create a new properties floater every time you right click on an object in inventory and pick Properties.

      If you have selected more than one item in inventory and right click and pick Properties create one new properties floater with tabs for each selected object. Clicking on a tab will present the properties for that particular object.

      Eliminate the Object Profile panel.

      Add Object Details to the right click menu when right clicking on inworld objects.




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