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UIScaleFactor: raise limit from 1.4 to at least 1.5


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      I have a very big screen (2560x1600 pixel). To be able to read the UI labels I need to scale them bigger because on default size they are very small. Biggest allowed in the settings is 1.4. The Problem with 1.4 is, that it's very inaccurate at positioning the cursor in editors like LSL editor or notecard editor, means: the further right the cursor in a text line is, the more offset it is from its actual position.

      Looks like this: this is a long text|
      cursor blinking behind the t of text, but when i type an x now, it gets inserted before the t, writing 'texxt'.

      This can get fixed with a better value for the scale, I tried by editing via debug menu: 1.5 and 2.0. With both values the cursor is where it should be. Only problem with scale factor 2.0 is that in the UI windows some text gets cut off after some characters. But 1.5 is a good value that makes the editor behaving well.

      I need this as allowed value in the UI or each time I edit something there the scale gets reset back to 1.4.

      (added this as 'new feature', but with the offset cursor in editors for it it's indeed a bug)




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