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Searching legacy names in the "Choose Resident" floater with a period returns no result


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      Second Life 3.2.6 (248086) Jan 19 2012 13:14:05 (Second Life Release)

      You are at 179,106.0, 290,883.0, 3,002.1 in Aggro located at sim20856.agni.lindenlab.com (
      Second Life Server


      Note: this bug does not happen with web searches. That is, on secondlife.com or in the search window (Ctrl-F) within Second Life. (Though it is present on the Marketplace.)

      The "Choose Resident" floater in Second Life, used in inviting people to groups, does not return the expected result when pasting a legacy username that has a period between the first and last name.

      For example, search "stickman.ingmann" and no result will show up. Search "stickman ingmann" and the user will show up as expected.

      Since the legacy name is the most reliable way to search for someone, I grab the name out of the IM window when talking with someone. Normally, they're not near me, nor on my friends list.

      This Jira is to request that the "Choose Resident" floater behave similarly to web search and respect Second Life's chosen method of displaying the legacy name with a period between the two names. There may be other uses of the floater besides group search, but I'm not immediately familiar with them.




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