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Inspect floater does not show correct names on first open



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      Whenever the inspect floater is opened the first time for an object for that not all owner/creator names of the individual prims are known, the floater displays the wrong names. It usually shows the first name that gets retrieved from the avatarname cache for the owner and creator for all prims of the object. If the inspect floater is opened another time for the same object, it shows the correct names. Reason for this behavior is, that the names are retrieved via LLAvatarNameCache::get() method and the result is used without checking if the correct name was actually retrieved or is available yet. The second time the floater is opened for an object this works because the names are already in the local name cache and available instantly.

      Repro steps:
      1. Go to some place with objects from residents whose name is not in the local display name cache.
      2. Right click on any object, select object profile. On the object profile, click on the details button in the sidebar to bring up the inspect floater.
      3. While having the inspect floater open, select any other object around of a resident whose name is also not in the cache. You will notice one and the same name is shown for every prim as creator and owner.
      4. While still having the inspect floater open, select a different object and then the previous object again. Now you will notice it shows completely different, but correct names.

      I attached a patch with a fix I made for Firestorm. It was tested against revision 19111 of the Snowstorm repository.


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