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Mesh Deformer for tailoring mesh clothing



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      Please read this description carefully. Comments should be relevant to the scope of the issue as stated here, and not about:

      * Mesh in general
      * Mesh objects not designed against the unmodified avatar shape this uses as the base
      * Deformation on custom avatars

      Those are fine topics, but should be addressed on the Viewer Forum
      (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/bd-p/SLViewer), not here.

      problem: when wearing mesh clothing in second life - modifying the body shape of the avatar causes the clothing to no longer fit. making the avatar fatter causes it to protrude beyond clothing; making it thinner causes the clothing to hang in space away from the avatar.

      solution: deform clothing meshes to match changes in avatar shape.

      for each avatar type (male, female) we'll choose a template shape - this will be a generic form for the avatar and will be specified by an exact set of shape parameters. when modelers create clothing - they will tailor their item to exactly fit this template shape.

      when a user modifies his avatar shape (making it thinner, or more muscular, or fatter, etc.) the exact changes from the template will be determined: for each vertex on the avatar mesh, a vector will store the change in position. this set of vertices and change vectors will be used to create a deformer, which when applied to a clothing mesh, will deform that mesh so that it fits the new avatar shape.


      Q: will this deformer work on any avatar mesh (dragon, robot, etc) or only the default male and female avatars provided by SL.

      A: only the default SL avatars will be supported.

      Q: will the deformed mesh clothing match all the sliders controlled in the avatar editor?

      A: yes.

      Q: will users have control over layering of multiple mesh clothing items?

      A: no. this project is to address ONLY the issues caused by changing the avatar's shape.

      Q: will users have control over offset or thickness for mesh clothing?

      A: users will not have this control. clothing designers will be able to control this when modeling the clothing on the template avatar.

      Q: will manual adjustments be possible? required? or will deformation be fully automatic?

      A: the user will make no manual adjustments. the deformer will be fully automatic.

      Q: when does the deformation take place?

      A: when the user puts on a new piece of clothing - and when the user modifies any of their avatar shape parameters.

      Q: is the deformation computed on the client or the server?

      A: it is computed on the client.

      Q: what dependencies might this have on the server side?

      A: a new boolean variable will need to be added to the mesh asset. the variable indicates whether this mesh should be deformed or not.

      Q: will mesh clothing deform dynamically to match avatar physics wearables?

      A: deforming with avatar physics was not part of the original specification of the project - and may possibly entail a large amount of development work to do efficiently. however, LL has shown keen interest in having the deformer work with physics - so we are examining the costs.

      Q: what about automatic skin weights?

      A: that work can be done independently of this work - so i think it's best to create a separate (mini) project for it.

      Q: what happens to already existing rigged mesh wearables?

      A: the default behavior for meshes which were created before the deformer will be to NOT apply the deformer. (this is for backwards compatibility - so that any meshes created prior to this work are not broken.)

      Q: how will this deformer work with skirts?

      A: the deformer will not treat skirts any differently than other clothing types.


        1. Arms Deform Tester.dae
          654 kB
          Darien Caldwell
        2. Back.png
          314 kB
          Hope Dreier
        3. belly1.jpg
          229 kB
          Francesco Despres
        4. belly2.jpg
          192 kB
          Francesco Despres
        5. belt edges.jpg
          470 kB
          Francesco Despres
        6. belt hi poly.jpg
          269 kB
          Francesco Despres
        7. Capture d’écran 2012-04-26 à 12.48.55.png
          16 kB
          Laurent Bechir
        8. deform_to_current_shape_patch.txt
          3 kB
          Henri Beauchamp
        9. deformer foot bug.jpg
          121 kB
          Fizz Savira
        10. deformer inner thighs and chest.jpg
          425 kB
          beanster Potato
        11. deformer results.jpg
          676 kB
        12. Deformer Wrong Ankles.jpg
          1.09 MB
          Siddean Munro
        13. Deformer Wrong Breast.jpg
          1.35 MB
          Siddean Munro
        14. Deformer-Wrong-Face.jpg
          582 kB
          Siddean Munro
        15. Deformer-Wrong-Muscle.jpg
          567 kB
          Siddean Munro
        16. Deformer-Wrong-Muscle1.jpg
          671 kB
          Siddean Munro
        17. fast-deform.patch
          15 kB
          Qarl Fizz
        18. FemaleGoth.xml
          8 kB
          Darien Caldwell
        19. Fingers Fist.jpg
          22 kB
          Darien Caldwell
        20. Fingers Splayed.jpg
          25 kB
          Darien Caldwell
        21. Firestorm-beta 2012-12-01 08-31-26-96.png
          603 kB
          Hope Dreier
        22. Front.png
          358 kB
          Hope Dreier
        23. Hand closed.png
          436 kB
          Hope Dreier
        24. Hand open.png
          503 kB
          Hope Dreier
        25. jira 1716 snapshot.png
          990 kB
          Fizz Savira
        26. male_denims_high.dae
          3.30 MB
          Manuel Ormidale
        27. Male-Female default shapes.blend
          2.93 MB
          Siddean Munro
        28. Miguael Liamano Deformer_Alpha_early_2012_001.png
          1.46 MB
          Miguael Liamano
        29. Miguael Liamano Deformer_Alpha_early_2012_002.png
          1.18 MB
          Miguael Liamano
        30. Miguael Liamano Deformer_LL_Test_265192_001.png
          958 kB
          Miguael Liamano
        31. Miguael Liamano Deformer_LL_Test_265192_002.png
          1.17 MB
          Miguael Liamano
        32. non_default_test.jpg
          25 kB
          Darien Caldwell
        33. pantcuffs deformer.jpg
          147 kB
          beanster Potato
        34. ProjectViewer-Deformer 2012-10-26 08-04-24-55.png
          312 kB
          Hope Dreier
        35. ProjectViewer-Deformer 2012-10-26 08-04-48-70.png
          303 kB
          Hope Dreier
        36. ProjectViewer-Deformer 2012-12-01 08-22-41-35.png
          539 kB
          Hope Dreier
        37. ProjectViewer-Deformer 254967 Still some problems.png
          173 kB
          Hope Dreier
        38. Second Life 3.4.1 (264215) Visual.flv
          818 kB
          Hope Dreier
        39. Second Life 3.4.1 (265139) Elf Spot.png
          702 kB
          Hope Dreier
        40. Second Life 3.4.1 (265139) Glove.png
          479 kB
          Hope Dreier
        41. Second Life 3.4.1 (265139) HS test dress 1.0 (SL 3.3.1) front .png
          795 kB
          Hope Dreier
        42. Second Life 3.4.1 (265139) HS test dress 1.0 (SL 3.3.1) side.png
          842 kB
          Hope Dreier
        43. simple tunic.dae
          188 kB
          Fizz Savira
        44. skirt and belt at butt size = 30.jpg
          179 kB
          Francesco Despres
        45. skirt and belt at butt size = 74.jpg
          174 kB
          Francesco Despres
        46. skirt and belt butt size = 30.jpg
          270 kB
          Francesco Despres
        47. skirt belly=0 (undeformed).jpg
          370 kB
          Francesco Despres
        48. skirt belly=50 (1).jpg
          472 kB
          Francesco Despres
        49. skirt belly=50 (2).jpg
          491 kB
          Francesco Despres
        50. skirt belly=50 (3).jpg
          424 kB
          Francesco Despres
        51. Skirt butt.png
          471 kB
          Hope Dreier
        52. skirt butt=30 (1).jpg
          501 kB
          Francesco Despres
        53. skirt butt=30 (2).jpg
          492 kB
          Francesco Despres
        54. skirt butt=74 (undeformed).jpg
          431 kB
          Francesco Despres
        55. skirt butt size = 30.jpg
          84 kB
          Francesco Despres
        56. skirt butt size = 40.jpg
          82 kB
          Francesco Despres
        57. skirt butt size = 74.jpg
          81 kB
          Francesco Despres
        58. Skirt Front.png
          513 kB
          Hope Dreier
        59. Snapshot_004.png
          1.56 MB
          dayane Coba
        60. Snapshot_005.png
          1.57 MB
          dayane Coba
        61. Snapshot_006.png
          1.56 MB
          dayane Coba
        62. Swimsuit back.png
          420 kB
          Hope Dreier
        63. swimsuit left.png
          504 kB
          Hope Dreier
        64. Swimsuit right.png
          427 kB
          Hope Dreier
        65. Thin shape - Height 1 Torso 50.jpg
          26 kB
          Darien Caldwell
        66. Thin shape - Height 1 Torso 90.jpg
          27 kB
          Darien Caldwell
        67. Thin shape - Height 1 Torso 90 but joined to lower half.jpg
          25 kB
          Darien Caldwell
        68. Thin shape - Height 53 Torso 50.jpg
          30 kB
          Darien Caldwell
        69. Thin shape - Height 53 Torso 50 but joined to lower half.jpg
          27 kB
          Darien Caldwell
        70. Thin shape - Height 53 Torso 90.jpg
          26 kB
          Darien Caldwell
        71. turtleneck.dae
          3.05 MB
          Manuel Ormidale
        72. Waist wrap default shape build disabled shaders.jpg
          150 kB
          BDOGG Hax
        73. Waist wrap default shape build enabled shaders.jpg
          764 kB
          BDOGG Hax

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