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[DESIGN] Move "Use Region Environment Settings" to top of "Sun" menu?



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      "Use Region Environment Settings" is currently in the ENVIRONMENT EDITOR window. But as noted in other bugs in this project, this leads to confusion understanding the hierarchy of what affects what — including that currently, local controls aren't disabled. To simplify this, I suggest:

      • Move Use Region Environment Settings to the top of the Sun submenu.
      • Rename Use Region Environment Settings to Use Region Settings.
      • Rename Sun menu to Environment. (Remember, "water" is in here too.)
      • Indent items below to show that they're dominated by Use Region Settings.
      • Expected behavior: when Use Region Settings is checked, ''all'' local control menu items are disabled. You shouldn't be able to even open the local ENVIRONMENT EDITOR when Use Region Settings is on. So these would be grayed out:
        • Sunrise
        • Midday
        • Sunset
        • Midnight
        • Estate Time (for consistency, rename to Region Time)
        • Environment Editor

      This also make it easier to toggle Use Region Settings, since it's one level up and more discoverable.

      This would avoid the false confidence of having to pop up this dialog (which is informative but perhaps unnecessary): http://screencast.com/t/XwCLJkiHaUJ9

      The opposite case should be true, too:

      • Use Region Settings needs to be enabled to change region-side WindLight settings. This ensures that what you're seeing is the real deal.
      • The REGION/ESTATE window's Terrain tab's WindLight settings would be grayed out if Use Region Settings is off, with a reminder to turn it on so someone with permissions can edit these. In normal usage, this should be a small problem: someone who owns/manages an estate will want to see their vision to begin with. (Unless they were exploring elsewhere with changed local settings and came back to their region, but this isn't hard in practice, either.)




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