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[DESIGN] Enable "Use Region Environment Settings" by default



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      Oz, Wolf, and I discussed this yesterday.

      Use Region Environment Settings should be on by default because:

      • Seamless and simple. A main goal of this project (STORM-1126) is to increase immersion by ensuring Residents are having a shared experience.
      • Most new Residents will have absolutely no idea about this control, unless they are specifically told.
      • This of course is magnified by Basic mode, which doesn't allow someone to change the time of day at all! They simply enter a region and see whatever it's set to. So enabling Use Region Environment Settings, including in Basic mode, is really a consistent extension of existing behavior which shows the region's time of day at a default day cycle. (A newcomer would be very confused if friends keep referring to "Look at the crazy yellow sky!" and all they see is the default blue one.)
      • Even if told, most new Resis won't care — by the time they do, they've advanced to a savvy enough level with the confidence to make their own fine-tuned decisions. Note that customizing WindLight is often paired with exploration and/or photography, both of those which have their own intricacies and presume that the user is reasonably advanced.
      • Anyone can opt-out at any time by unchecking this box, guided with a little education. Note that if someone unchecks Use Region Environment Settings, it should persist and stay off across sessions. It would be annoying to have it keep popping back, such as if you're a photographer who keeps crashing (a fairly common scenario, given snapshot bugs!). In other words, "always remember last state set by user".




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