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[DESIGN] Remove "Fixed Sun" and "Phase" -- WindLight Day Cycle replaces it



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      Fixed Sun and Phase in the Terrain tab was useful to lock the region to a time of day when such control is desired: http://screencast.com/t/EHhFz68ulv For example, a scary vampire region that's meant to remain at midnight.

      This is no longer needed because you can use the DAY CYCLE EDITOR to create a day with a single keyframe, meaning the sky is always the same.

      We could go even further and remove further confusion by removing the different Fixed Sun and Phase from the Estate tab, as well as Use Global Time, which should do the same thing as Revert Region to Default, only it applies to an estate instead of a region.

      However, this introduces the usability problem of: "How do I use a single day cycle across all regions?" I don't think this is a great pain if someone has the ability to easily copy or transfer day cycles between region. In that respect, while it may be a small step backward, it's no more kludgy than the longtime inability to copy terrain textures (and other) region-wide settings from one region to another.

      Broader historical context: the difference between "region" and "estate" should be explained better and made more self-evident within the Viewer. This lies beyond the scope of this project, but can't be forgotten.




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