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Nearby sidebar minimap should be optional




      The Nearby sidebar's new embedded minimap (added in response to STORM-643,) has an issue on small screens: it prevents the list of nearby people from being visible.

      As a user, I would like the ability to see the list of nearby people easier, especially on small screens. This is because the list of people is more important to me than a map of their locations.

      As I see it, this could be accomplished several ways:
      1: Make the embedded map able to be optionally (de)activated. Twisted Laws mentioned a patch in store for such an idea in the comments for STORM-643.
      2: Make the embedded map resizable so that it can be scaled (if only in the up/down direction) to take up as much, or little, room as wanted.
      3: Make the docked position (top/bottom) of the embedded map selectable via a menu selection or via click-and-drag.

      All of these options are, as far as I can tell, orthogonal; all could be implemented without interference. However, I suspect that 3 wouldn't actually be a solution to this issue; it would only shunt the problem sideways.

      If there's enough call for any of these that doesn't get fulfilled by the patch that implements the chosen solution to this issue, I am willing to create another issue to cover the request of those features.




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