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Ctrl-Shift-w behavior should be consistent for all floaters, dockable or otherwise.



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    • need to discuss this with UX one more time before it's ready.


      1. Undock Side Bar panels
      2. Open 'Preferences' window (or any other floater, which may be closed)
      3. Press ctrl-shift-w (Close All Windows)
      Actual result: Undocked Side bar panels are closed and you are not able to restore them

      Expected result: Ctrl-Shift-w affects all undocked floaters in the same way. Sidebar panels should dock + close sidebar. Nearby chat window should dock and hide. Shortcut should work both regardless of whether other close-able floaters are open.

      The Ctrl-Shift-W shortcut is only enabled when there is at least one open floater having the (X) button (detached sidebar tabs don't). However the shortcut closes all floaters, regardless of whether they have the (X) button.
      The most straightforward fix is improve consistency by making enabling the shortcut for all floaters, regardless of whether there are other close-able floaters (as the description says). However this may introduce regressions or even crashes with important floaters such as TOS and Incoming Call.

      A safer approach might be to add the (X) button to detached sidebar tabs, so that they don't inhibit the shortcut anymore. But it might still be confusing for residents that some floaters obey the shortcut and some don't.

      Sidebar tabs should have an X, closing via Ctrl-Shift-w or X should dock the window and close the sidebar.
      I hate to do the next part, but Nearby chat, Move, View, and Nearby voice (_) minimize affordances should be changed to an X, and close on Ctrl-Shift-w, whether docked or undocked.

      Critical messages, incoming and outgoing call, TOS windows should all remain unchanged.


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