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Update Windows installer script in viewer-tools-update (VS 2013)



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      This Jira is for updates to the windows installer for the work on migrating to VS2013.

      So far my changes:
      Reduced file by 224 lines of code thus far (about 25%), including added code for new functionality

      Code changed that's mostly invisible to the user:
      -Don't launch with elevated privileges
      -Lots of code cleanup and reorganizing.
      -More consistent marking/format of comments, reworded some for clarity
      -Combined all calls to delete files on install into one, changed deletion of skins files into one to delete the entire skins folder
      -New dialog for prompting if the user want to clear cache also has code to bypass this if auto install is being used, negating the need for 100+ lines of code just to back-up, restore, and remove backup copy of user's settings when old viewer is uninstalled.
      -Removed old code that is of no use now, like removing settings files on pre-NT systems (yes, as in windows 95/98) and removing of Mozilla files first (which V3 has never used), and settings in language files that are not used anywhere in the installer script.
      -Updated paths to Windows Vista and later format (related to \application data\ -> \appdata\roaming\ and the like)
      -Added Nicky Dasmijn's fix for BUG-2707 by disabling SEHOP for installed viewer

      Functionality changed:
      -Windows Vista SP2/Server 2008 SP2 is now the minimum requirement
      -Added Details button on install and uninstall so user can see verbose process. (If the user opts not to show, process takes a lot less time)
      Installer no longer auto launches after a user install (still does after a "suppress dialogs" install, like for the auto updater). This is to restore expected behavior of an option to run the viewer or not after installation.
      -Add more info to registry for display on Program and Features (like Linden Research as the publisher) (Idea from Firestorm, but not using that info obviously)

      Functionality added:
      -Added option to remove user's settings and cache folders (but leaves debug logs and chat logs) when the user runs the uninstaller.
      Note: this is bypassed if auto update is used (*Testing needed)

      To Do:
      -Check spelling of comments
      -Language translation for new Clear User Setting prompt
      Ask user if they want to create a shortcut folder in the start menu (Idea from Firestorm, implemented by Anserial)

      Wish list:
      -Update to newer NSIS "ModernUI2" layout so options can be presented in a more user friendly format.

      Thoughts, comments, and requests desired below.




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