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linux libndofdev incompatible to kernel >=2.6.33 (was: spacenavigator does not wok under x.org 1.8.0, udev and fedora 13)



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      Recent kernel versions (2.6.33 and higher, it seems) see spacenavigator as an SDL device. The current version of the linux libndofdev drop-in can't handle this, leading to the device not functioning in SL although being recognized.

      original description

      the 3dconnexion spacenavigator with the new X-server 1.8.0 under fedora 13 does no longer work for me.

      I use the 2.0.1 viewer. i see the spacenavigator in the settings tab and it lights the led when i start the viewer. but it doesnt move my avatar. i dont see changes in the configuration tab when i move the device.

      with the program evtest /dev/input/event5 i see changes as i move the device. so i know the device is technical okay.

      here is the output of evtest:

      [root@pfeffer ~]# evtest /dev/input/event5
      Input driver version is 1.0.0
      Input device ID: bus 0x3 vendor 0x46d product 0xc626 version 0x110
      Input device name: "3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator"
      Supported events:
      Event type 0 (Sync)
      Event type 1 (Key)
      Event code 256 (Btn0)
      Event code 257 (Btn1)
      Event type 3 (Absolute)
      Event code 0 (X)
      Value 0
      Min -500
      Max 500
      Event code 1 (Y)
      Value 0
      Min -500
      Max 500
      Event code 2 (Z)
      Value 0
      Min -500
      Max 500
      Event code 3 (Rx)
      Value 0
      Min -500
      Max 500
      Event code 4 (Ry)
      Value 0
      Min -500
      Max 500
      Event code 5 (Rz)
      Value 0
      Min -500
      Max 500
      Event type 4 (Misc)
      Event code 4 (ScanCode)
      Event type 17 (LED)
      Event code 8 (Misc)
      Testing ... (interrupt to exit)
      Event: time 1275145899.167000, type 3 (Absolute), code 2 (Z), value 4
      Event: time 1275145899.167009, -------------- Report Sync ------------
      Event: time 1275145899.182973, type 3 (Absolute), code 0 (X), value 16
      Event: time 1275145899.182986, type 3 (Absolute), code 1 (Y), value 20
      Event: time 1275145899.182991, type 3 (Absolute), code 2 (Z), value 67
      Event: time 1275145899.182995, -------------- Report Sync ------------
      Event: time 1275145899.190965, type 3 (Absolute), code 3 (Rx), value -72

      i think it has maybe something to do with the new X-Server 1.8, udev and/or hal configuration.

      yes... its not a real viewer problem... but perhaps anyone else run into the same problem.

      thanks in advance for any tips.

      please tell me if you need further informations, i will send them asap.


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