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Deprecated functions and methods are not enforced or detected


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      Many of SL's internal libraries, such as the math types, have several deprecated functions. However these functions are only marked by a simple comment, nothing the compiler will complain about. This has lead to deprecated functions being used in new code all over the viewer because developers don't read comment on working code - they just use the syntax they are either familiar with or they see in adjacent code.

      I propose the addition of some macro functions that abstract the compiler-specific deprecation functions so that the compilers will at least warn about the usage of old method, functions, types, &c. I further propose to hunt through the code to find as many as I can of the deprecated functions and mark them with the above.

      I'm open to suggestions on whether the compiler should error or just warn. Though if -Werror was set, you'd definitely get the error mode - but there's a LOT of warnings that light off in the code...




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