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Windows debug build fails at run time because of an absent openjpeg.dll.



      Debug builds have openjpegd.dll and it is a dependency for some of the unit tests. However, the viewer (secondlife-bin.exe) has openjpeg.dll dependency. It is the same debug library but, without the 'd' in its name. So, there are two or more dependencies of the same library with different names. This can be tested by building a debug configuration and invoking the viewer and then, the error appears about the missing openjpeg.dll. Then, change the name of openjpegd.dll to openjpeg.dll and invoke the viewer again. This time it should run correctly and present the log in page. Modifications are need to add a copy instruction so that both named versions of the debug library are present in the openjpeg archive. Additional modifications to the viewer are needed to place openjpeg.dll properly; while leaving openjpegd.dll in place for unit tests.


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